Fear Is Like Fire

Full Story Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Fear is like fire. If you do not control it, it will burn you. I always tell my clients not to be regretful. If you did something that is wrong, it’s only wrong now. You did your best back in that time. Sometimes we stop trying and risking just because...

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I changed my room decoration. It somehow feels better. It’s a good little motivation for life.

Installing Gnu/Linux Distributions Is Hard

Permalink Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I tried to install openSUSE as my default operating system but I had no success. I installed it actually but after the first time it was booted, it kept showing me grub screen and it didn’t work with my AMD processor correctly and also I had trouble with Wi-Fi connection.

I tried to connect to internet with a wired connection to router but then openSUSE crashed. Same thing happened with Elementary OS. I checked the sources and official websites to see if I do something wrong but actually I do everything right.

I don’t know why installing GNU/Linux distributions is too hard. I was using Ubuntu before and it was pretty easy to install and use and I liked the GNOME desktop environment but I had no success with other distributions. I think developers of these distributions should really work on them. If they want people to leave Windows and Mac, they should make it easy.

How Long Google Will Keep Information

Full Story Monday, 7 January 2019

If I delete my Gmail account, is it possible that I can still be traced? Like “this” account belonged to “this” user? Will Google be storing all my data and information after I delete the account?

The short answer to this question is “We don’t know”. But there’s some stuff...

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I Have Many Problems with Humans

Permalink Sunday, 6 January 2019

I’ve been thinking recently how come people love superheroes but nobody tries to be one of them. Obviously it’s too dangerous and sometimes kinda impossible to be one but nobody even tries. When I see in history of inventions by humans, I see a lot of great things which only happened because someone wasn’t scared of anything. I see how Wright brothers wasn’t scared of flying and they invented planes. I see Karl Benz invented first car and he wasn’t scared of anything.

People want to be Will Smith, people want to be Sara Haines, Katy Perry, etc. not because they’re someone special but because what they do is special. But nobody tries to do something special. This isn’t right. I always wanted to become a designer and I tried to be one. I can’t imagine becoming a designer or mentor without trying to be one. How come people dream about something but they don’t even will to commit? People are strange. We humans are strange. I have so many problems with human kind.

Eminem’s song “Rabit Run” really motivates me. It gives me headache if I listen to it repeatedly but I love this song. It’s aggressive but motivating.

I also like Ron White a lot. He’s so funny.