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Why I Left All Social Media

I remember when I first joined a social media. The first time I met the internet, I was 9 years old and I had no idea what a large world I’m looking at. Facebook was the first social media I joined. I joined Facebook in 2005 and was active for about 7-8 years. Like my other friends, didn’t much know about privacy and information security and we used to add people as friends too much.

The History of Social Me

After Facebook, it was FriendFeed, a social network we loved so much we couldn’t leave it even at dinner. There was not a popular social aggregator and FriendFeed was the first one. For us Iranians who love speaking our mother and native language, FriendFeed was like a heaven. It supported the Persian language unlike the rest and there was a lot of Iranians. Facebook and Twitter didn’t support the Persian language till July 2009. FriendFeed also started supporting the Persian language in 2009 but FriendFeed is the first one; In my opinion, Facebook and Twitter started supporting it because of FriendFeed.

After a long time of social media activity, Twitter was a revolution. Today kids will never understand what “Faving” and “Favestar” are and more than that, they don’t understand what tweeting meant to us. There was no “Like” or “Fave” in the begging and there was nothing like video options, 280 characters and mobile apps. We used to tweet by text messages and we were limited to the maximum 140 characters. Everything happened to the world was spread on Twitter and we the people of Twitter were the first ones who knew about them.


Why I Left Social Media

After more than 13 years of social media activity, I decided to leave it. Social media nowadays is not what I expected to be. I think social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are now a substance for misdiagnosis and less thinking. There’s too much hate speech, judgment, insults and distraction. Social media platforms became a place for pretending and showing characters that are not real.

I started deleting all social media apps or websites I am joined except Facebook for logging in (Not active since 2013), Github and my profile page on LinkedIn as it is a small resume for me. I deleted all of my messenger apps like Whatsapp, Imo, Messenger and etc. but I kept Telegram Messenger as most of my communication is with that but I’m planning to delete it as well.

What I’m Looking For

I think social media is making me miserable. Social media is built to connect people around the world but as I said before, I think it has failed in so many ways. I’m trying to see how life is without social media and making changes to my life to be more useful in society and have a true life not only one in cyberspace. I’m trying to have more attention to my hobbies and things around me and have true friends. In final I’m trying to have different days in a week and in life instead of repeating a loop daily.

I try to write a report about changes in my life after social media deletion. Wish me luck.