UX Design Is Not What You Think It Is

Print   267 words   2018-12-16

When I started learning about user experience design, not so many people knew what is it. If someone asks me what is UX design, I still can’t explain what is it exactly. A lot of user experience designers actually are good user interface designers. I’m not gonna explain differences between UX and UI, so if you don’t know, just take a look at this article.

I talked about user experience design lots of times and every time, I had to explain how a user experience designer should be able to access every part of project. User experience designers are key people in every project. A lot of people forget about that very first user of any product/service, is the creator of it. You probably heard that you should create a product that first of all, you are the person who loves it.

User experience designers are people who make a product become useful, usable, user-friendly, and awesome. Creating a good interface is indeed a big part of project but not every beautiful interface is useful. A good cafe is a compilation of good coffee, good personnel, professional staff, and good feeling. Designing a place for a cafe is important but people won’t love your good-looking cafe without good beverages.

Designing experiences is more important than everything. People will judge your product by their feelings not by what they see. Nobody cares front page of Facebook is a simple login page, they care about how Facebook treats them. What makes people come to you is what interface they see but what makes them stay is their experience.