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After I Left Social Media – First 10 Days

After 10 days of leaving social media, I think some stuff are changed in my life. For the beginning I should say that I deleted all social media except GitHub that I run my blog and some small projects on it, Facebook for logging in some websites and apps and I’m not active on it since a long time ago and Telegram messenger also for using Telegram passport and communicating.

But I’m gonna delete Telegram tonight and I also installed Instagram again but using a private account for sharing my moments and since the last night I installed it, I realized I’m not active like before and I’m kinda not into it anymore. (update: I just acvtivated Instagram and i’m not using it, i also deleted the app.)

Anyway, I just wanted to write a small note/report to tell you guys how my life is a bit changed after deleting social media.

My Sleep

I can see better and deeper. Before that, the last thing before sleep and the first thing after waking up was my phone. Now that I don’t have anything to check, I feel that I have less stress and better ad deeper sleep. Except for the nights I work late, I now can sleep at 11 and wake up at 7 and there’s no Reddit or Twitter to keep you awake.


I now can focus better. It’s funny that I realized that from playing video games. Before that, in the middle of games I used to pause and check my phone, now I can do the thing. A lot of time this happened that in the middle of writing, coding or designing stuff, I just left it cause I just felt somehow uncomfortable and I didn’t know what is it till these 10 days; now I know it was my phone.


Now I work. I search for bugs, I fix the layouts, I try to make new things and I also started writing for a technology monthly in the United States which is incredible cause I wasn’t doing this since about 4 years ago. Working is now feeling so much better because if feel that I’m doing a real job now and there’s no distraction like before.


Watching movies is now my favorite hobby. I watch movies, I read books more than before and also sometimes I play video games. I have more space in my head for things I now know how much I liked and I actually do them. Before deleting social media I was like I saw a new hobby on Instagram and I was like that’s an interesting thing and then swiped up! Now when I see a hobby that I like, I do it and it’s not only hobbies, it’s about trying new things and guys trust me, it’s incredible.