Designing Culture by Designing Experiences

Print   426 words   2018-12-09

Right after NSA and CIA were pressuring Lavabit to get access to encryption key to secured hard drives to be able to spy on Edward Snowden, Lavabit founder, Lader Levison, shut down Lavabit because he believed shutting down a company is better than to violate a user privacy. Levison made security an organization culture. A better description of organization culture is also the quote of Michael Watkins:

Culture is the organization’s immune system.

A company culture or Organizational culture encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business. People of a community, whether it’s an online users community or people who like a cafe, show a common behavior. As a user experience designer you should specify your target user community and build the product based on their common behavior which makes them feel thy belong to a service/product. It’s not necessarily this but it’s almost all of it.

For foundations/organizations who work for people and not profit, like Mozilla, people’s culture and people’s online identity is more important. For example, Tor Project tries to teach people how to surf secure and how to learn to act and surf securely. Tor Project helps people learn their privacy is important. I recently was talking to Dr. Richard Stallman about his website and I told him how user experience of his website is important because people who try to learn from him, like me, have a limited source and when these sources are not easy to read, it makes it hard.

Experiences like “feeling valued” is something today’s online world is missing. A lot of people around the world care about their privacy and the reason why they don’t try to protect themselves is secure services are not enough captivating and good-looking as unsecured services like Google.

One of the ways we can help people to care about a culture and learn about it, is to make experiences feel better. Not everybody is comfortable with CMD or Terminal, but people use their mouse to open things. People like to double-click on a folder rather than typing cd folder as they’re more comfortable to put the whole trash in a box instead of taking it out.

Another example: People in Tokyo, Japan can put their bottles in a specific box and get a subway train ticket in reward and a lot of people are using it. Making these services is more efficient than making an ad about how we should protect our nature. Care about user experience in real life.