UX & Details

Print   431 words   2018-12-03

If you follow technology world, you surely know Apple is so much popular for its designs. Lots of people will wait behind Apple Stores closed doors to be first persons who buy Apple products when new product releases. Simple-designed Apple products are beautiful because of details. In every form of design, it’s details that make a product feel the way they feel.

Designing is not just about how you create a shape, it’s more about how you create feelings. For example, in a phone, designing is not about how the case of phone is, it’s about how you can hold it, how you can work with it in your hands, weight, etc.

Details in every product, makes changes. Imagine there were less space between keys in iPhone’s keyboard, writing would be much harder and Samsung could increase its sell by focusing on advertising about how its easy to write with its Android phones. Almost everything you do on your phone is related to typing; when you surf internet, texting, saving a new contact, searching for a setting, and etc.

Another good example is how a chair is designed. We have different designs in chairs and not all of them are good for a cafe. Even in different cafes you should have different chairs. In a takeaway type of cafe, you should have comfortable chairs for a short sittings and for a big cafe with a big saloon, people expect a comfortable chairs for long sitting. If a cafe man focuses on quality of drinks but not pay attention to how people can relax on chairs, people will come to drinks but you shouldn’t expect a saloon full of people, because it’s hard and uncomfortable.

Comfort is one of most important things in a product but not everyone cares about it in designing products. Paying attention to design and details is more about how you think. As a user experience designer, a big part of your job is creating details and details won’t just show up. It’s important how you think and how it works.

Even in same type of work, you should do every pre-step of design because people are different. A big problem a lot UX designers have is they think they know how to design. A product design should be comfortable for users not for you. I always say design a product in a way that you love it but it shouldn’t be misunderstood with designing for yourself instead of designing for users. Always put yourself in a situation that feels you’re a user and don’t forget about researching.