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Users Are Chief of the Board

There’s almost nothing more important than users in UX. That’s what it’s about. When it comes to users, you can not compete. There’s a reason why Microsoft failed in phone manufacturing and there’s also a reason why people use Android more than iOS and Windows Phones.

As an experienced UX consultant, I always tell my clients to have a research program continually or at least run an analysis program every 1 month. Working in a great system like “Microsoft User Researches” taught me users will never be like we expect.

Customers and even developers are always judging everything they see. They don’t have time to trust you so it’s whether you make them trust you and you earn their trust by making user-friendly performance or you lose. People don’t trust you if you put a “free” label on a product and they suddenly face a trial.

Will you do it in real stores? Will you write “free coffee” on your coffee shop front and then tell your customers that it’s only the water that is free and not a whole coffee?

Yes, it’s exactly like this. People trust products so hard and it’s our job to earn this trust. Once you make them feel bad about your stuff, they start to feel bad and it’s almost impossible to change it if you only try to attract their attention for your new things.

Another thing I see a lot is comparing customers. Customers don’t want to be compared. They hate it. Some websites misunderstood classification. We don’t have a high-level customer and low-level customers or at least we shouldn’t let them know about such a thing. The thing is we should make customers feel they’re much better with our service than another. Look how Android.com did it:

How Android.com shows off!