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Brief Note About Bushehr

Traveling has been always part of my life. Visiting cities with different people is something I always love and it can’t be separated from me. People all around the world have experiences which always can help you and for someone like me who always has thirst for knowing things, traveling is best hobby.

For last 10 days I’ve been visiting Bushehr, a city in Bushehr province, Iran. It’s one of my favorite cities and I got really good friends there and because of the Persian Gulf, weather is in the best mode possible in this season. Working in Bushehr as a programmer is wonderful. Sitting next to sea in a cafe and writing programs and drinking your coffee while you’re hearing the waves and a cool wind hits your skin makes you feel alive.

Bushehri people are so kind and their hospitality is unique. I found really great people since the first moments I arrived. The first time I visited the city was about a year ago and I even wrote some notes about that in my blog on Google Blogger which I deleted it because I no longer use Google services and things like that. It was amazing. Bushehr is kind of city I love to live in. In summer weather gets too hot but believe me it worth it.

Unlike western people, like United States or western European countries, people in southern Iran are so kind. They always care about you and try to help you in problems. People sing whenever their happy or sad and music and sea are have been always a part of their lives. People dance, share foods and drinks, sing, talk and do all things together.

They care about each other. For example, if you show up in cafe at 5 everyday for a week and then once be late, they call you to be sure you’re OK and they suggest you their help if you need anything. Visit Bushehr once, you’ll surely will love it.