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Starting Houp Project

Privacy always matters. Since I started learning UX and after that, working, there were always a problem named user’s privacy. It always seemed to be difficult to don’t offend a user’s privacy while you’re doing your job tracking users habits and making reports to make a product better and usability-friendly.

Now I and my friends at Houp Project are trying to figure out how we can design experiences for users without offending their privacy and without tracking them. User experience design is what every company/producer needs to provide/produce services.

I as a user care a lot about my privacy. I no longer use Google services and a lot of another services like Yahoo, Uber etc. A lot of UX designers are using tracking services, stats providers and polls which require personal information and a lot of them set cookie stuff to collect information which violates user privacy.

We in Houp Project, try to make experiences more private and more secure.

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