Risking and UX

Print   224 words   2018-12-24

Most of the times, in our life, risking seems to be dangerous and frightening. In every successful business, risking is one important thing. Microsoft recently experienced distrust and devaluation from customers and it was making Microsoft exposed to failure and made loss of value. What Microsoft did in cloud industry was taking a huge risk and now Microsoft is again most valuable public company in the world.

What a user experience designer is doing is quietly the same. User experience design is based on statistics and data and it also relies on the expectancy and prefigurations of the designer. Designer will change everything to get to prospects and relies on data collected by users. Nothing is 100% guaranteed or nothing is completely possible except if you try your best and everything goes as you expected. This is the basic risk that is normal and part of the job.

But also designer should take risks more than usual. Risks make people be more meticulous and it makes them try harder. Risks make people worry about the result. Making $10/day may be easy for a company but how about $15?

Risking exactly is what makes a company successful. You may have a modest income from your company and also live a good life but nothing makes you have a great life except a thing named “Risk”.