Confessing the Failure and Reversed Feelings

Print   211 words   2018-12-19

Have you ever heard Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”? Silly question, of course you are. My favorite singer is Mohsen Namjoo. I once heard from well-known Iranian singer, Shahram Shabpareh, that how Mohsen Namjoo explained the feelings behind the musics. Some of Shahram’s musics are themed sad but the rhythm is fast and active that if you don’t listen to the song carefully you surely will think it’s happy song.


I was listening to “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen while working and it came to my mind that it’s actually a sad music. It indeed mentions some stories from bible but the main story is he trying to get a girl’s heart with music (like David pleased the lord with music and harp) but he fails. I was listening to it and I was enjoying it till I suddenly remembered it’s a sad music. I started thinking how come a rhythm and beat effects our feelings while we should feel differently because of the lyrics.

If it’s true and the effects of chords and rhythm is more influential, can we make our workspace more comfortable and efficient by music, or more specific, beats and rhythms? I’ll start new research project at Houp and I’ll share the results.