I Have Many Problems with Humans

Print   174 words   2019-01-06

I’ve been thinking recently how come people love superheroes but nobody tries to be one of them. Obviously it’s too dangerous and sometimes kinda impossible to be one but nobody even tries. When I see in history of inventions by humans, I see a lot of great things which only happened because someone wasn’t scared of anything. I see how Wright brothers wasn’t scared of flying and they invented planes. I see Karl Benz invented first car and he wasn’t scared of anything.

People want to be Will Smith, people want to be Sara Haines, Katy Perry, etc. not because they’re someone special but because what they do is special. But nobody tries to do something special. This isn’t right. I always wanted to become a designer and I tried to be one. I can’t imagine becoming a designer or mentor without trying to be one. How come people dream about something but they don’t even will to commit? People are strange. We humans are strange. I have so many problems with human kind.