What You Need in Public Relations

Print   280 words   2018-10-08

In every company when it comes to public relations department, everybody is going to think about some guy spreading data to the public, but nobody asks what a company does to make public involved in the company.

Of course, if you are a bank, you wouldn’t like to involve people in formulas of saving data in vault but the story is kinda different when you’re a nonprofit company trying to teach people how to create a vault for their safety.

Public relations is what you need in a company to involve people in the way of success not to tell them if you succeed or not. When you make people feel involved, they try to help you become better because they feel the success is not only yours, but it belongs to them also.

In every company, a smart public relations department not only can gather data but it can force people to think about how to succeed too. Feedbacks are an important part of a project. Users don’t like writing feedbacks and it’s the reason why 80% of users select “not now” instead of accepting to write feedbacks or reviews.

When you make a way that they can express their actual feelings about what you brought to them, they start thinking about how they actually can improve what they do or what they gain with your project.

Users hate to feel they’re average in our list. Writing “your opinion is important to us” is not enough. They know it’s a message delivered to every people but when it comes to humans listening to humans, it’s different.

There’s a reason why Yahoo! Support is more successful than Twitter’s robots support.