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Public Relations Department Should Be Responsible

A serious issue some companies are facing is that they don’t care about importance of public relations. I see a lot of websites these days that they have expired information. A company must have a beautiful appearance, and this beautiful appearance is the responsibility of the company’s public relations. People don’t care about how hard-working you are, they care about how efficient you are and you can’t convince them unless you can show them something and believe me, people trust what they see not what they hear.

Expired information (such as prices) is a serious issue. People feel hurt if you tell them the product they bought has a new price and they should pay more than what they expected. A lot of people only surf websites and even a small problem may convince them to leave. An expired copyright note, out-of-date license for products, or even failed contact with an assistant.

Public relations should know everything in your company. Public relations is the place who people contact with or ask questions. Public relations is not a place to only inform people, it’s the place that convinces people, to stay or to leave. A successful company is the one who creates new customers along with making old customers stay.