European Countries Should Stop Lie Detector Tests

Print   395 words   2018-12-06

I recently heard that passengers from outside the EU will face lie detector tests while traveling in Europe. European Union should stop this and prevent countries to do these kind of tests. The project aims to facilitate the work of border guards in spotting illegal immigrants, and contribute to the prevention of crime and terrorism. I respect the concerns about how Syria’s war and situation in middle east is putting pressure on European countries and the countries can’t handle this much of immigrants but tracking people (physically or online) is a violation to their privacy.

Using a lie detector app (if it’s efficient) is a good way to control people who enter the EU countries as long as officers who use them, don’t violate people’s privacy.

The iBorderCtrl project has been implemented because more than 700 million people enter the EU every year, and the huge volume of travelers and vehicles is putting pressure on external borders. People from outside of the European countries have to get a visa before they can enter the borders. The question is isn’t the visa program efficient enough?

I’m pretty sure this project is going to be launched and used inside the airports and legal border entrances, so, whether you use it or not, illegal immigrants are not facing it.

Travelers will use an online application to upload pictures of their passport, visa and proof of funds, and will then use a webcam to answer questions from a computer-animated border guard, personalized to the traveler’s gender, ethnicity and language. It will then analyze the traveler’s micro-expressions to figure out if he or she is lying. — Lonely Planet

The project documents say that after the traveler’s documents have been reassessed, and fingerprinting, palm vein scanning and face matching have been carried out, the potential risk posed by the traveler will be recalculated. Looking at people as a threat is an unethical method to protect the security.

I believe that European countries should stop this program and respect people’s privacy. Countries should respect privacy of people and collecting personal information and storing their data is not fine. The risk of leaking data, application safety, concerns about how officers use it, possible downtime, bad use by officers, and irreparable possible mistakes are just some reasons that EU should stop this program or at least replace it with safe/privacy-protecting program.