Installing Gnu/Linux Distributions Is Hard

Print   156 words   2019-01-08

I tried to install openSUSE as my default operating system but I had no success. I installed it actually but after the first time it was booted, it kept showing me grub screen and it didn’t work with my AMD processor correctly and also I had trouble with Wi-Fi connection.

I tried to connect to internet with a wired connection to router but then openSUSE crashed. Same thing happened with Elementary OS. I checked the sources and official websites to see if I do something wrong but actually I do everything right.

I don’t know why installing GNU/Linux distributions is too hard. I was using Ubuntu before and it was pretty easy to install and use and I liked the GNOME desktop environment but I had no success with other distributions. I think developers of these distributions should really work on them. If they want people to leave Windows and Mac, they should make it easy.