Donate to Help Security

Print   303 words   2018-12-08

After Edward Snowden’s controversy, email security debate was again raised. His favorite email provider, Lavabit, was under a lot of pressure to give NSA and CIA access to Snowden’s data and finally Lavabit decided to shut down its service instead of violating someone’s privacy.

Email messages are still one of most popular and useful ways for messaging and almost everything we use online has a relationship with emails. Secure email is something everybody needs to have. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail, AOL Mail, and etc. do not provide a secure email service. They read your emails, share your data, do not provide an encrypted connection and a lot of other issues.

I recently decided to use a email,, along with my primary email, Riseup is a secure service providing VPN, email, and privacy-focused marketing service like email-lists.

These kind of foundations help people to stay secure and saf. People should have the right to surf anonymously and the only way these kind of foundations can stay alive is people donate to them. A lot of foundations like Riseup,, Tor, Mozilla, and etc. are trying to help people to protect internet. Showing ads or having a sponsor has its own issues so the best way they can keep up is to ask for donations.

Actually for people like me who live in Iran, donation is hard. Because of US sanctions we don’t have access to international banking system. People like me who care about these services, do their best to find a way to donate. Best I can do right now is to ask you be careful about security and help these kind of foundations protect people and internet. You can donate $3, price of a cup of coffee, and it’ll be a great help.