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I Act, We Impact

In a world full of war and controversies, it’s hard to make friends. Some of us can’t make friends even in our neighborhood and many of us have problems to contribute in society make efforts to make a better world. Community societies based on people participation are trying to make a global wish come true. Governments say they’re protecting national interests and dictators don’t even answer; Now it’s people’s turn to show everybody the real power is owned by people.

The war is between governments, not people. Social media, televisions, news agencies and networks actually convinced people to protect themselves, they have to participate in a war they even don’t like. It’s kinda true to say people are induced with that. People who are raised with war, have no idea about the power of people. They know war, which helps them to feel powerful. Victories are shown epic in media and nobody speaks about defeats.

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation is a movement to empower people through global education, youth leadership development, and cultural exchange programs. They envision a peaceful and sustainable society that embodies diversity, mutual understanding and cooperation.

FAF formerly associated with United Nation DPI/NGO and holds Consultative Status with UNESCO and Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC. They had a goal to make a better world by teaching people how to interact with children and provide them a chance to make a better, effective and delighted life. FAF origins go back in 1958 when Fulbright Scholar Harry Morgan and well-respected travel professional Cappy Devlin founded a program that facilitated international travel and cultural exchange, supported in large part by Lila and DeWitt Wallace, founders of Reader’s Digest.

Fifteen years later, they became an independent foundation that cultivated international affiliations and representation through youth capacity-building and cultural exchange. In addition to cultural exchange programs that took place around the globe, they have generated a variety of programs that focus on music and the arts as a tool for peacebuilding and global cooperation, including the Youth Symphony for the United Nations, Youth Band for the United Nations, and the Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival.

FAF is only an example of how a simple thought can make a great effect on many people and forward people to a better life. Don’t waste your abilities because of shyness, timidness or anything which results in isolation. Empower yourself so we can empower the world.