The Relationship Between Thinking and Physical Situations

Print   242 words   2018-12-13

I’m currently am in the city of Bushehr. Beaches help me think better and I also know cafe near beach with I got some friends there. I’ve been thinking lately what makes people think better. Is the physical situation of people has anything with thinking? Thinking (as I know) is physical. When we think about something, our brain actually does something physically but my question is “is the physical situation of our body has an affair with better thinking?”.

Yesterday afternoon, I and my friends were talking about physics and time traveling and its possibilities. I mentioned that traveling to the past is impossible because if anything changes in the past, our presence will be destroyed. This occurred to me that is it possible to destroy a presence by changing the future? For example, if we travel in the time to the future and burn our future home, will something be different in now? These questions were in my mind for a long time but I never talked about it. What made me talk about it I think was clearly the situation I was in.

Most of the times, I can’t work with a music in the background but I have no problem focusing on a project with sound of television in background. it’s really complicated and I never found an answer for it. Please send me email if you have a note to mention or an answer or even an opinion.