Help People Who Help People

Print   165 words   2018-12-10

I recently read about Quality Nonsense ltd. They say they make websites for people who make websites. The idea of helping people who help people (even as business) is so great. We get help from people everyday. A lot of websites like are helping people to figure out how to fix their problems. Owner of Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, is simply doing what Quality Nonsense is doing.

Big companies are not good, self-dependence that we expect. Big companies need help too. The thing we should know is we don’t need a larger company to help us. A lot of times, it’s small companies who make changes. Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, and a lot of other companies are simply based on ideas and works of other small companies. These giants buy small companies to make new things.

We don’t need big guys to grow, sometimes we just need small ones with a big heart and mind. Help people and people will help you as well.