Fear Is Like Fire

Print   237 words   2019-01-09

Fear is like fire. If you do not control it, it will burn you. I always tell my clients not to be regretful. If you did something that is wrong, it’s only wrong now. You did your best back in that time. Sometimes we stop trying and risking just because we have bad experiences. We always look back at our mistakes but it rarely happens that we actually learn from our mistakes.

Fear is not a bad thing. Fear helps us to decide and act careful. Fear and stress helps us be more careful about how we do stuff. Stress and fear is what makes us be careful when we buy a new expensive phone and put it really slow and careful on any surface. Some of fears come from our history. Like when you purchased wrong domain name and now you should be careful about that typo.

Some happen to be natural actually. For example, we (not me) all have fear of having a bad impression on others. We all have fear of being that stupid guy in a group. We all have fear of being disrespected. So we care a lot about how we choose stuff that we think other judge.

I’m not saying that you should be careless, what I’m saying is you should take risks in your life. Fear helps us do better but it’s for that, don’t let fear stop doing stuff.