I Prefer Doing Stuff Instead

Print   303 words   2018-10-15

Almost everyone agrees making decisions is not an easy thing to do. Like arranging your iPhone apps and deciding which apps go to “utilities” folder and which are going to “productivity”.

I’m used to making decisions fast. Most of the times when a company asks me to consult them, it’s when they messed up already. One of the things I cannot decide easily is should I take responsibility in a situation that may end up not quite good or making a good-looking resume by doing almost nothing in projects that have no serious problems and they’re doing good.

I really should thank mother nature because I always decided to get myself into trouble and do something instead of sitting and enjoying the success I had minimum effort or effect in.

The thing that made me enjoy helping small unknown startups/companies rather working as a senior in big companies is that you do a real job in small ones. Working with startups makes you feel alive and effective. In the beginning, you can see the results faster than usual and the most amazing thing is everyone is excited and proud and happy and even aggressive.

Imagine you got a new phone. First days you’re very watchful and you really care about it, you’re observant and attentive. After a few days, you don’t care if somebody drops it on your bed or if it accidentally fells. After a while, you’ll not be even too upset if the screen breaks.

Working for/in small projects exactly has the same experience. You’re really careful about everything and you even have more respect because you know everything has a faster shown-result exactly like a new phone when you expect problems on early days. You have the same thing and you do the same thing but it feels kinda different.