Print   288 words   2018-12-31

People who know me, know that I’m always excited about creating and earning. I’m always excited about new watch, new shirts, new friends, and probably everything new. I remember very first moments that I bought domain. I was super excited that I finally have a domain name with my name only. This happens a lot to me. I also remember the first time I created a syntax highlighting system. I was so active that I wanted to become a professional programmer instead of continuing my user experience career.

Most of the times, this excitement is temporary. I was searching for a good domain name for my weblog. Something like or something and suddenly I realized I’m doing it again. I remembered the time I was searching for alireza.something and I’m doing it again. I’m trying to get something and be excited about it for a short time and the loop goes ahead.

For a person like me who always says nothing matters and tries to care less about anything, this temporary excitement is weird. Of course I care about humanity and I also care about equality and equity but whenever I think about future of human and death, I realize that a person should enjoy everything before death. Life doesn’t worth to be worried, be heartbroken or cry.

We live only once, there’s no memory, there’s no feeling, and there’s nothing else after death. All of them are temporary and matter of biology and hormones of our body. Why wasting this amazing ability to something bad?

I was searching for a good domain name for my weblog and I realized I love my current domain name more than any other and I want to enjoy it.