Creating Stuff You Need

Print   247 words   2018-12-28

I created a lot of blogs. I am blogging since 2004 and I created this blog almost 6 months ago. For many years that I was blogging on platforms like Wordpress or Blogger, I couldn’t have all options I needed. Since I created this blog, I started creating options I need.

I left social media and I don’t even use a smartphone right now and the only option I have to be connected to the world is my laptop and my weblog. So I decided to develop it in a way that it satisfies my needs. I wanted to have a platform for sharing photos, so I developed my weblog to be available for picture sharing. I needed a platform to share links, so I developed my weblog to be available for it.

I am writing long and short texts here about different categories and all I need is a laptop and internet connection to my weblog. I’m developing what I need and it’s also available for others to use. I learned to work on something I need and create something I love.

In life, whenever I need something, I search for it and I realized that not everything we need is prepared for us and not all of them is ready-to-use, instead, sometimes we need to create what we love. We sometimes need to work and suffer to achieve what we deserve.

If I ever learned or achieved something from blogging and internet, it’s this one.