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Ask Customers to Help You!

If you’re reading this article, it means whether you’re interested in UX or technology. You also probably have heard or read about some people who think the websites/weblogs are going to die. I think not.

I remember I heard from an experienced programmer giving advise to a new programmer:

I and my coworkers with years of experience are still Googling basic stuff. So don’t worry if you fail or if you didn’t know about something, just try your best and don’t be disappointed.

First of all, don’t use Google, you can use DuckDuckGo or other alternatives who care about your privacy.

Now listen to me, I don’t know how much I’m right but can you imagine using mobile/computer apps instead of Firefox? A lot of programmers are using Stack Overflow as well as students are using Wikipedia or designers are using Inkscape community. You can’t force professionals to migrate cause it’s the professionals who make technology. Every technology needs a designer, needs a programmer and needs users who love it and I promise you no one likes to be forced to use some stuff even if it’s helpful for them.

Internet Dying Photo from Site Sudio

Back to Customers Problem

They’re Not Professionals

Let’s get back to what I was talking about. A lot of designers complain that their customers do not understand what a standard/meaningful design is and they’re saying that “it’s somehow weird”. I experienced this too and the answer I got is to describe/explain the pattern and encourage them to learn and it’s part of your job to teach them.

We’re are not faced with some professionals in our field (maybe you do) so we have to teach them and make them understand what we do and why we do it. Another thing is before accepting a project, you should mention that you’re a professional and you understand the components of a design so whether they trust you or hire a professional project manager so everyone will be happy.

Ask Them to Help

To be a good UXer, you should design the best user experience possible but to be successful you should make your customers feel right first. The first thing an employer is faced is the experience they had with contacting you. It’s true for working for an individual as well as working for giant companies.

People escape from knowledge because the educational systems are unusable but if you make experience they need, they’ll love it. It’s one of the reasons that people prefer experience than education. They’ll trust you and accept you if they feel that you’re a great teacher and it’s not because you teach them it’s because of the experience you’re creating for them.

If you make hem feel you know more than them while you’re teaching stuff, you can make them accept stuff you create/tell and they’ll try to learn more about the field and not only it makes you better (because you have to try more for professionals) but you’ll have knowledgeable/easier customers.