You Must Specify That You're Advertising

Print   339 words   2018-11-30

Users should have the right to know what they see. For so many reasons, we are surrounded with advertisements. There’s Google Ads everywhere and a lot of Instagram and YouTube Influencers are talking about their lifestyles and what they use and without they telling us whether it is an ad or personal thought, we can’t find out.

As a matter of fact, we need a law that specifies the rules of advertisements and forces people to comply with it. A lot of advertisers are paying these “Influencers” to make them say or advertise like it’s their personal opinion. For example, I have 10 million Instagram followers and because of fame I have, people care about my kind of lifestyle. People try to be more like me and use stuff I use. Some advertiser asks me if I will advertise their product for 15 thousand dollars. If I advertise for them in a way that it pretends it’s my personal opinion, a lot of people may buy/use it and regret because I said it’s a good product and it was not.

There’s a self-regulatory organization based in United Kingdom that tries to help governments and legal organization to provide a law for advertising. The Advertising Standards Authority or ASA is code of advertising practice, broadly reflects legislation in many instances.

ASA says:

Advertisers should feel free to be creative when devising campaigns. However, it’s important that your audience is always aware that they’re looking at an ad. Ads posted on social media by celebrities or influencers may need to include a label, for example “Ad”, if the intent of the post isn’t otherwise clear.

ASA believes that any kind of advertisement should be clearly defined so people can choose what they need or what they want. Advertising is still one of most used/important ways to increase usage of a product or service and people shouldn’t be hurt by it.

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