You Probably Shouldn’t Accept All Opportunities

Print   217 words   2018-10-19

As a professional, almost first question you ask yourself when you get receive an opportunity is how much you can progress in that job and I’m sure you agree that you should not accept all opportunities. As I said before, I like taking a job in startups and working with people who have less experience. I think my job as a UX designer is to make people successful. As a UX designer, I should consult, teach, work, act and make efforts to make sure a project is on its way to success.

Accepting all opportunities means challenging yourself in a way that it keeps productivity and creativity away from you and whenever it happens, I promise you, it’s the end of your career. More than everything, a UX designer relies on abilities to make changes. Accepting all opportunities to make progress in your career is like starting to learn swimming in an ocean instead of a swimming pool to be a better swimmer, It’s not possible.

Progress needs focus, patience, curiosity, effort, and continuity. Don’t force your mind and time. and energy to be more productive if you want to be better, train them. Always remember you can be successful with 10 projects in a year and also be unsuccessful with hundreds of projects in a month.