James Watt Was Born on This Day in 1736

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James Watt, Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist (steam engine), born in Greenock, Scotland. He developed the concept of horsepower, and the SI unit of power, the watt, was named after him.

Watt attempted to commercialise his invention, but experienced great financial difficulties until he entered a partnership with Matthew Boulton in 1775. The new firm of Boulton and Watt was eventually highly successful and Watt became a wealthy man. In his retirement, Watt continued to develop new inventions though none was as significant as his steam engine work. He died in 1819 aged 83.

Just Do It

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In my opinion, the worst possible incident for a person is the inability to make decisions. I’m suffering from it lately and it just feels terrible. Whenever I feel like this, I talk to myself and the only thing sometimes makes me better is I do whatever comes to my mind. I say just do it and don’t regret.

A Simple/Normal Research Program for Your Product

Full Story Sunday, 13 January 2019

A lot of people asked me lately about necessary research program before starting a project. They ask me about how to start analyzing and also what tools you can use to gather information you need. What you should know about gathering information is we don’t collect any specific information. There’s...

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You can be tired of life, but not tired of trying.

Create What You Need

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I’ve been updating my weblog to prepare what I need. I recently published a note from Dan Munro and I added a partial icon to posts to show the writer of post. I’ve been doing it and when I accomplished that, I was just smiling. I realized how much I forgot about good feeling of creating stuff.

Since I don’t use social media and blogging platforms, I have to create options I need for my weblog and instead of being tired I couldn’t be more happy about it. People care about what they created the most; true story.

Sometimes everything you need is a music on loop, a dark room, and a full day sleep.

Download Recrusive Files Inside Index-Of in Linux Using Wget

Full Story Friday, 11 January 2019

I want to download recrusive files inside index-of in Linux using Wget without following the link in the directory index on my site to the parent directory. There’s a simple solution.

$ wget -r --no-parent --reject "index.html*"

For me I have to pass the –no-parent option, otherwise it will follow the link in the directory index on my site to the parent directory.

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When you understand that nothing matters, the world is yours.

On This Day in 1943 Robin G. Collingwood Died

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Robin George Collingwood FBA (Fellowship of the British Academy) was an English philosopher, historian and archaeologist. He is best known for his philosophical works including The Principles of Art (1938) and the posthumously published The Idea of History (1946).

Collingwood was not just a philosopher of history but also a practising historian and archaeologist. He was, during his time, a leading authority on Roman Britain: he spent his term time at Oxford teaching philosophy but devoted his long vacations to archaeology.